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This was essentially, the piece where it all began. During the time of the pandemic, where for my health, it was important to find something to focus on. I had some beautiful paper with a printing of Austrian Artist, Gustav Klimt's 'Tree of Life' on it. 


I also had this equally beautiful, but old and tired cabinet, so I had an idea to use the paper on the back. However I wanted to test my artistic ability and enjoy the process of doing the design free hand. So thats what i did!


My first upcylced piece was born. 


First the old shelves were removed and replaced with some bespoke, glass shelves. I then went on to free handing my variation of the tree of life. Then the entire cabinet underwent lots of hand gold leafing to create the lovely effect. 


It also underwent an entire new paint job, with this lovely royal blue and I installed the LED strip lights to make it really sparkle in the evenings, which have a mains plug and switch. 

Gustav - Cabinet

  • Height: 87cm

    Depth: 28cm

    Width: 61cm

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