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It was a very exciting day for me when I found someone selling this beautiful old wine crate. It was very tired looking when I got it, but I could see beyond that and knew it had huge potential.


I treated this lovely crate for woodworm (just in case) and then the real labour of love was in the 'hand wood waxing' which has kept all its natural rustic charm while giving the wood a lovely glossed appearance.


I then added some hairpin legs and had this stunning piece of thick (10mm) glass made especially with 'FORTPLUS' toughened glass, to finish turning this old crate into a coffee table. 

Chablis - Coffee Table

  • With Glass Top

    Height: 55.5cm

    Width: 107cm

    Depth: 70cm


    Without Glass Top

    Height: 54cm

    Width: 65.5cm

    Depth: 46cm

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